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  Harbor Freight  40444 Metal Lathe

 9x20 Lathe Improvements

 New    Harbor Freight 39083 QCTP
                  Methods for attaching the quick change
                  toolpost to the 9x20 lathe. Also Q&A

          Tumbler Reverse                                           Variable Speed 9 x 20
                 Adds the ability to cut left hand threads                                          Surplus treadmill  dc motor & controller.

          Top Slide Bearing Mount                               5" Bison 3 Jaw Chuck & Backplate
                 A ball bearing mount for the top slide.                                             A perfect match for the 9x20  lathes.

          Crossfeed Leadscrew & Mount                      Tailstock Camlock
                 New larger 7/16" leadscrew, new ball bearing mount.                     If you move the tailstock a lot this is the answer.

          Tachometer                                                   Saddle Lock
                 The 1684 LMS 7x. tach on the 9x.                                                        Ball handle with indents to keep the handle in place.

          Slide Block Replacement                                Gib Adjusting Screws
                 A new adjustable slide block.                                                              Replacing the 4 mm gib screws with allenhead 8-32 screws.

          High Performance Shifter Knob                      Plexiglass Shield
                 A makeover for the quick change gearbox.                                       Keep those hot chips from flying around.

          4 Bolt Compound Clamp                                Larger Cross slide handwheel
                 The first modification needed on the 9x20's                                      Very nice if you do a lot of  facing.

          Tailstock Set Screw                                        Way Protector
                 Stop the "spinning drill chuck problem"                                            Keep the chips off of the ways.

Projects & Tips 

             Mig Welder Cart & Cable Reel                                   Rifle Sighting Stand
                  Cart for the  Lincoln Pro Mig welder Features a cable reel             An easy way to zero that rifle scope

             Hammer Extension for lever action rifle                   Aluminum Knobs / Handles
                 Built for my Browning BR-22 rifle                                                               How to make knobs using the lathe & mill

             Hobbing Worm Gears on the 9x Lathe                 Threading Example
                 My experience hobbing a set of aluminum worm gears.                        Gear locations for threading on the
                 Also plans for a hobbing bearing support.                                              9x with the quick change gearbox.

          9 x 20 Threading Chart                                       Ball Turning Toolpost
                A chart to showing  inch and metric                                                          Turn balls easily on any lathe
                threads available for the 9x lathes.                                                              And it works Great !!

          3" Tailstock or Spindle Chuck                             Indexable Lathe Turning Tools
                 Great for that hard to hold stuff .                                                               Build your own for a fraction of the cost.

          New Work Bench                                              Drive Belt Info & Ordering
                My new bench just for the 9 x 20.                                                               Part numbers for replacement 9x drive belts.
                                                                                                                                          Ordering info for the Gates 5M710 Poly Flex V-Belt,
                                                                                                                                          5M730 Poly Flex V-Belt and the 170XL cog belt.

          Telescope Fine Focuser                                       9x20 Owners Manual
                A nifty fine focuser for a telescope                                                             Plus a lot of other machinery owners manuals from Enco

          Die / Tap Holder                                                B & S Dividing Head Owners Manual
                A great way to keep a tap or die straight                                                   Scanned pages on the manual ( large pics )


Fully Restored 1954 Monarch 10EE

Grizzly 12 x 36  Metal Lathe

Grizzly G4003G Gunsmith Lathe   A new lathe for the shop!

     New   Meister BC-10 DRO   A new DRO for the 12x lathe

    New    Inexpensive Coolant Pump   This shown on my 12x lathe but it works well for
                                                                  bandsaws too!!

Grizzly G6760 Vertical Mill

  New   Grizzly G6760 Vertical Mill   A new mill for the shop!

  New   Meister Magna 4 DRO   A new 4 axis DRO for the mill !!

Misc Items around the shop 

     New   Conover Wood Lathe  
a new stand and bedways for the
                    classic 16" wood lathe.

            5" Wood Chipper    a 14 hp electric start horizontal wood chipper.

            Homemade 18" Wood Cutting Bandsaw Works great!
               Custom Stainless Steel Guide Rods   Guide rods for Sig, Kahr, CZ, Colt & Beretta
                                                                                  that help fund this website!

Submitted Projects

            Gene's 9x20 Tachometer

            Mike Massee's 9x20 Lathe Mods Page 1 & 2   ( Handwheel, QCTP, 4 Bolt Clamp)

            Marc Micllef's 9x20 Speed Control ( Great Job!! )

             UncleRabid.Com   Controller repair for all Asian lathes as well as the Cycletrol 150 and Sherline

             Harrisson Belt Drive Conversion( For the mini mill )

          Coolant Sprayer   ( inexpensive coolant sprayer for the 9x submitted by Bill "Hexhead")

          Bill Pace's Ball Turner( nice work!)

          Allan Dobler's Ball Turner  ( Great site!! )

          Alan Pinkus's 9x20 DRO Project. ( check out Alan's homepage, there's a lot of great info )

          Bob Bickerton's Ball Turner   ( Bob has added a ruler for easy setup )

          Steve Bodiley's Ball Turner    ( Be sure to check out the rest of Steve's site here, Very nice )

             Pat Hutcheson's Crossfeed Leadscrew & Mount   ( super nice mod for the 9x )

          Marc Micllef's  Tumbler Reverse Lever , Saddle Lock clamp & Way protector
             Great ideas for the 9x20 

          Variable Speed Conversion    Submitted by Ed Kadlec.
             Step by step details for adding variable speed to the 9x lathe using a treadmill motor  ( this is a pdf file )

          Toolpost Grinder    Submitted by Cletus L. Berkeley.
            A great  toolpost grinder  ( this is a pdf file )

             $ 40 DRO for the 9x20 Lathe   Submitted by Scott O.Las Vegas, NV.
             A great & inexpensive way to have DRO on the 9x metal lathe.

            Mike Kloos's 39083 Toolpost Holder
          A nice pic of Mike's HF 39083 toolpost holder on his HF 9x20 lathe.

             Ron Schauer's 9 x 20 modifications
                 A few of Ron's modifications include: Back gear plate, QCTP,  Toolpost grinder,
                 Extended cross feed housing , Leadscrew, Stainless handle & Tailstock wrench.

          Tool Post Grinder   Submitted by Paul Belt.
           A small tool post grinder for the 9x's

          The Micro-Switch Dog Clutch   Submitted by Richard Shell.
           An automatic stop for the 9x. Richard has a lot of great info
                  on his site including a Chipguard , DC motor , Gear Clutch ,
                  Small Chuck adapter plus a lot more. A must see site.

          Enco's Phase II QCTP   Submitted by  John Baines
                 Pictures of the Enco Phase II mounted on a Grizzly 9 x 19.

Reference Material


             Metric Conversion   Converts measurements from inches to what ever you need.

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