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    10 -2002
Crossfeed Lead Screw & Mount
Harbor Freight 9 x 20 Lathe

        This project started out with just replacing the stock 9 x 20 crossfeed lead screw with a larger lead screw.
        I decided while replacing the lead screw to go ahead and build a new mount that would allow more cross slide
        travel. The new mount is a lot "beefier" , built from stainless steel and uses a roller bearing to allow for super
        smooth operation. The new lead screw is 7/16"-20 and is a huge improvement over the original. I've included
        pictures along with descriptions of the modification below. I must thank James Early (who was the first to do this
        modification)  & for sharing pictures of his modification. His pictures can be found in the Files section of the
        Yahoo 9 x 20 Lathe group / CrossFeed  or click here

           The original mount / lead screw compared to the new one.                            Ball bearing support for the handle.

The new mount uses 3 attaching screws instead of 2.
The larger handle mod is shown here.


Lead Screw
Building Pics
Brass Nut & Attaching
to Cross Slide
Mount / Housing
Building Pics
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