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Knobs / Handles

Here's some knobs I built using my HF 9x20 metal lathe,  Grizzly mini mill, a dividing head (or rotary table)
and a 1/2" ball end mill. These are easy to make and work great!

I started out with a piece of 2" od aluminum. The large end will be the knob end
and smaller end will be the attaching end.

I drilled the ID of the knob to the needed dimensions.
( of drilled and tapped if needed )

After the turning is completed on the lathe the knob is moved to the mill.
I use a B&S dividing head but a rotary table could be used.

I use a 1/2" ball end mill. Make sure you have enough sticking out
of the chuck so the end mill does not come in contact without the chuck jaws.

Here's and end view of the knob after the milling is complete.
For the depth I just eyeball it set the stop on the mill so all cuts are the same.

These knobs were for a telescope tripod


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