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Bison 5" 3 Jaw Chuck / HF 9 x 20
39x4mm Backplate

Bison 5" 3 jaw scroll chuck

        A new chuck for the 9 x 20 !!  This is a Bison 5" 3 jaw scroll chuck with 2 piece hardened jaws from
        Enco. The back plate is turned from steel and threaded to fit the 39 x 4 mm spindle using the 9 x 20 lathe.
        The Bison chuck is super smooth and superior in quality compared to the original 4" chuck and weighs
        only 10 lbs. and was a I've included a few photos along with how to cut the 39 x 4 mm threads for the back plate.
        Good Luck, Steve

<>                      Update:
                                At the time I made my own threaded backplate no one offered these for the metric spindles.
                                Now you can save yourself a lot of work and purchase the 39x4mm threaded backplates
                                from WT Tools (click here) or you can call Don at 1-800-521-3420.
                                WT Tools offers a 6" & 8" threaded backplate. They also have rough casting backplates
                                 if you want to thread your own.

                    Note:  I've been informed that the WT Tools backplates are not a true 6" and 8" OD. They are
                               a little smaller and most chucks are a little larger than the advertised OD. You may
                               want to go a size larger and turn down the exact OD.

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