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      6 -2002
Indexable Turning Tools
How to build your own inexpensively

1/4" carbide inserts mounted on 1/2 square tool holders

     Here's how I build my own indexable lathe turning tools at a fraction of the cost of new. The cost of inserts alone can
often be rather expensive for the home shop. The set pictured above was built for around $ 25 and this included all materials
plus 20 - 1/4" carbide inserts. How I did this was to find the inserts first and then build the tool holders to fit the inserts.
I found this set of inserts on e-bay and won them for $ 15.00 this included shipping ( If you haven't ever searched e-bay
for carbide inserts click here.) Since my 9 x 20 lathe uses 1/2" tooling I built the tool holders from 1/2" square steel.
I have included pictures along with building details to help build your own.   Good Luck , Steve

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