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Ron Schauer's
9 x 20 Lathe Modifications

       A few of Ron's modifications include: back gear plate, gears, and mods cheap and dirty toolpost grinder.
      (pneumatic, light capacity, but functional)
extended cross feed housing, leadscrew, and solid stainless
      knob (more than 10" cross feed travel now)
compound feed bearing block and "new" knob with spinner
      (the old cross feed knob)
tail stock clamp ratchet wrench tail stock top clamp plunger (the old zinc one
new compound clamp plate, quick change tool post, convenient thumb knob for the belt cover
      traveling way cover on the left side of the carriage.
      Not shown directly:  new change box handle plunger (the old one was very loose in its support and rattled badly)
      1/2" thick perforated aluminum base plate 4x4x8 steel tube risers for mounting the lathe bed to the base plate.

       ( Thanks Ron, Great work )




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