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Replacement Drive Belts
9 x 20 Harbor Freight Lathe

                           Greg Nold has helped us out by stocking the belts for the 9 x 20 metal lathes!
                           (Greg's also a 9 x 20 owner)   You won't find faster shipping or better service!

                                10/28/06  Update:  Greg currently has the 5M710 V-Belt in stock.
                                                He should have the 5M730 V-Belts very soon.

                          Click here: Gates 5M710 Poly Flex V-Belt   (This is the skinny drive belt )

( I don't get anything for linking Greg's site, I'm just a very satisfied customer!)

Pulley Alignment

        Before installing the new belt check your pulley alignment. This can be done by placing a long straight edge
        across the face of the spindle pulley to the motor pulley. If they are not lined up it will cause the belt to twist.
        Also check alignment from the spindle pulley to the slow speed clutch pulley. Also check that the idler pulley
        spins freely.

    Added by Reiner Patommel 12-04:

    Yes the pulleys have to be aligned by fiddling with the four bolts holding the motor.  (Awful work)
    But the most important thing are the two M10 nuts on the bolt for the lever bracket of the tensioning roller.
    (The nuts are behind the bracket plate),The two nuts are there to allow the bolt (and thus the tensioning roller)
    to tilt a little.  Great design !?Once the pulleys are more or less aligned, watch the belt running from the
    spindle pulley to the tensioning roller.Then adjust the two nuts until the belt does no longer touch a flange of
    the spindle pulley.  (This is actually the reason why the belt breaks)
    I used one belt per weak until I discovered this "feature".  Since, I run
    with the same belt for half a year now.

    Reiner Patommel

Belt Info from Wayne McArthur


I've got a KBC 9 x 20 which is pretty much the same as most of the other lathe's.
We've gone through a few drive belts so I thought today I would check alignment.
What I found was the motor pulley was inboard .010 from the driven pulley when checked with a straight edge.
We got shims here that fit perfectly on the shaft to move the pulley out for alignment.

These can be found or ordered from any Motorcycle Drag Specialties dealer.
The part numbers are:
.005 shims - part number 0927-0007
.007 shims - part number 0927-0006
.015 shims - part number 0927-0008
I shimmed the drive pulley out .010 to get correct alignment.
I also found the idler roller had a lot of walk so it was shimmed out .013 to tighten it up.
Also the 2 nuts holding the idler arm were too loose. You have to play with these to get the correct tension on the arm so it engages when the lever is engaged.
Attached are photos of the shims and locations.
After this is done use a new belt. If the old belt is twisted or worn sideways from improper alignment if will want to track sideways.

Hope this helps somebody else out.
Wayne McArthur


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