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    11 -2002
Tool Post Grinder & Adjustable Stop

Here's a tool post grinder submitted by Paul Belt  (Kansas Assoc. of Model Engineers)



Adjustable stop

            Hi here are the pictures of the tool post grinder,  It is basically a block of aluminum that is drilled
            to fit over the tool holder stud.  I fitted it to the tool holder and then put a drill in the chuck to drill
            though the block. Then I put the block in the four jaw- centered the drill hole and enlarged to fit
              the bearings. The shaft was turned to fit the inside of the bearings. On the end of the shaft is a
            shoulder to press against the bearing with a threaded end to accept a drill chuck.

            The motor mount is adjustable for tension on the belt, and is made to match what ever motor a
            guy wants to use. I used an old sewing machine motor, but they do get hot if they are run for any
            length of time. The belt and sprockets are something that I scrounged out of an old copy
            machine. The original plans called or making your own pulleys and using a vacuum sweeper belt.



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