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    11 -2002
Saddle Lock
Indent Spring Added
Harbor Freight 9 x 20 Lathe

The 9 x 20's normally have a recessed allen head screw here for the saddle lock.
I originally added just the ball handle and this worked well. On two occasions while
threading with the tumbler reverse ( threading from left to right ) the handle
ran into the tailstock. To fix this I added a spring indent that keeps the handle
at one of two positions. Works very well & keeps the handle out of way.

I milled a recess and drilled a hole that a 3/16" ball bearing sits in.
The ball bearing sits in a 3/16" hole. The hole to the left is a threaded
hole to attach the spring cover.

The spring cover is made from a piece of  5/16" square key stock.
The hard part is finding a spring small enough to fit.

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