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      8 -2003

 Enco Phase II QCPT

Here are some pics and comments from John Baines on the Phase II QCPT  (wedge type)
mounted on his Grizzly 9 x 19 lathe. The pics also show one of six  cast iron wheels
he has turned for a  locomotive. Great work !!


I scrounged some 1" steel plate from a scrap yard and aftersawing for about two hours, I had myself a square
of about 4 inches. Then after another two hours of careful milling I had the block to the dimensions that
fit my top slide. In the meantime, I bought the Phase II QCTP (Wedge Type) from ENCO.
 At $89.00 I think its a terrific bargain. Today, I bought a 1/2" bolt from Home Depot and
after machining a suitable hole and boring a tight ledge for the vertical bolt, I mounted the Phase II on top of the
1 inch steel block with its four anchor holes screws.  I knew straight away this was going to be a winner and sure
enough, when I cut my first steel bar, it just purred through the metal with no shake or chatter.
                                                                                                                   John Baines





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