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Favorite Links

Metalworking   Pages

  Micro Machine Shop  Great site Alan!
  Ken's Wood Chipper  Great job Ken !!
  mikesworkshop   Great site, Thanks Mike!
  Colorado Model Engineering Society
 Projects In Metal   Free project plans, tips and tricks for the Amateur Machinist! 
 HomeShopMachine   A  Yahoo group home shop tinkerers garage tool makers and inventors!!
 Max's Little Robot Shop  This is a great site with a ton of information!!  ( great site, Thanks Jose!)
 FRETS.COM - Machine shop  (lot's of great info!)

 Notes from the shop  A great blog!
 Ernie's Models  Great engines!!
 Smitty's 9 x 20 Lathe Blog  Great 9x20 info
 Harrission  Lead Screw Conversion Kits for the 9X20 Lathes
 W.G. Ermers Metalworking Site  (The Netherlands)
 UncleRabid.Com   Controller repair for all Asian lathes as well as the Cycletrol 150 and Sherline
 Rulezman's Workshop
 Davide Cerutti's Web Site  ( Lot's of metalworking )
 Bluechipper( Really great machine work )
 Backyard lots of neato stuff here, check it out )
 Machine Tool Help( Unbiased machine tool help )
 MODEL STEAM ENGINE PLANS ( also some good metal working tips )
 Mini Lathe Workshop  ( A lot of great ideas for lathes & mills from Ishimura from Japan )
 CNC Zone ( The Ultimate CNC Discussion Forum )
 STELLAR TECHNOLOGIES    ( Richard has a lot of great 9x lathe info here , check it out ! )
 Yahoo 9 x 20 Lathe Group   ( Lots of information here )
 Kansas Assoc. of Model Engineers      ( Steam  -  IC -  Stirling )
 Jeff Davis's 9 x 20 Lathe Site  ( Enco 9 x 20 )
 Micro Machine Shop, Mods, etc  ( Excellent 9 x 20 and Taig site )
 Frank Hoose's Mini Lathe Page  ( Excellent resource by Frank Hoose )
 J. Kelly's Metal Working Pages
 Ty's HF 7x10 Mini Lathe Page
 Jose's Machining Information & Tooling Page
 Mike Welch's mini lathe page
 7 x 10 Mini Lathe Owner's Group
 Dave Goodfellow's web sites    ( Muzzle loading , Metal working , Hunting , Sailing and more!)
 Dean Dempsey's mini lathe page
 Dragonpit's mini lathe page
 Chris Heapy's shop tips
 Owen Buerkle's Homepage
 Skip Evan's Homepage
 John Galczynski's Site


  PTG Absolute Care    A wide range of services including lathe repair, cnc repair, lathe spares and lathe upgrades.
  Dynamic Metals   sources and supplies high-grade metals
  Custom Circuit Boards
  Lab Safety Supply   For all your safety and  material handling supplies
  Harbor Freight 7x10 mini lathe
  Harbor Freight Coupons
  Design Prototyping Technologies
  Industrial Manuals
 Jeltes Consulting  "Koala" CNC pages
     CNC lathe and mill        
 Monmet   Monmet is a specialized reverse engineering and consulting firm with expertise in iron castings, forgings, fabrication, machining and power transmission.
 Rockler Woodworking & Hardware  Fantastic woodworking site!
 5 x 7 Metal Lathe    Afordable 5x7 metal lathes
 Walden Specialties  Machine tooling (some great deals!)
 Western Titanium
 Titanium Supplier                              
 Gruntbull Anodizing  Anodizing
 GetMachiningTools.ComA great place to shop for machine tools
 FigNoggle Designs  CNC Plans for Asian Mini Mills
 CNCzone Lots of info on CNC
 Beel Industrial Controls DC motor controls
 Accuram LLC  Home of the CNC Mini Mill, and lathe.
 Tinker at Home!
 Grizzly Home Page
 Sherline mini lathe & mill
 MSC Industrial
 McMaster Carr
 Northern Tool

Astronomy Links


  Jaco Space Education Links   (Thank you Kelly !)
  Lighting Up The  Universe With The James Webb Telescope  ( Thank you Wendy!)
  A Guide to the Galaxy Right from our Bedroom Window  (Thank you Michelle!)
  The Hubble Telescope: Shedding Light on the Universe     
  Kids Space Center - Telescopes & Astronomy  ( Thank you Rachel !!)   
 Astronomy Resources   (Great info, Thanks Julie!)
 Steve Bedair's Astronomy Page
 Astronomy by  Michelle Stone 
 TurtleMania! Amature Astronomy Web Page
 Weasner's Mighty ETX Site    The site for ETX, DS, and Autostar Info!
 ASTROMART Classified Ads
 Astronomy Net General Interest Forum
 Astro cam
 Peter's Homepage
 The official U.S. time
 Anodizing Aluminum

Telescope Building

 Doc G's Info Site
 Mel Bartels' Home Page
 Jones on Stepping Motors
 Useful Formulas
 Amateur Telescope Makers ARCHIVE - Search Results

Telescope Dealers

 Sub Con Telescope's Home Page
 ITE (telescopes)
 Orion Telescopes and Binoculars
 Roger W. Tuthill, Inc.
 Sky and Telescope Magazine -- Home Page
 Astronomy Magazine
 Clear Night Products
 Pocono Mountain Optics
 Shutan Camera & Video

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