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Grizzly G4003G Metal Lathe

           After a lot of shopping for a 12x metal lathe I decided on the new Grizzly G4003G Gunsmith Lathe.
       I've owned a lot of import machines and I have to say that the fit and finish on the G4003G is the best
       I've owned. The lathe was very well crated and I had no shipping damage at all. All controls are silky
       smooth and backlash is very minimal. The motor runs very smooth and for a gearhead lathe it is very
       quiet. I have been very impressed and pleased with the G4003G lathe.
       I've only had one issue with the G4003G lathe and this was over the 6" 3-Jaw chuck that was installed on
       my new lathe  Click here for the story. 
         One modification I made to my G4003G was the "Cast iron stand with extended base". This is the first import
       lathe that I have ever seen that the stand or base was too tall! I also added an inexpensive coolant system and DRO.
       I've included pictures and details below.
                                                                    Steve Bedair

Spindle ID actual measurements

Misc Pictures

6" Lathe Chuck

Modifying the
 Lathe Stand

Coolant Pump

DRO System
Meister BC10

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