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Grizzly G6760 Vertical Mill
Meister  Magna 4  DRO

Grizzly G6760 Vertical Mill with Meister Magna 4 installed

      I installed a Meister 2 axis DRO on my Grizzly G4003G lathe this past year and it has worked perfectly.
    I really like the features and construction of the Meister DRO's so this was my first choice for the mill.
    I contacted
DROstore to see what they had available for the G6760 mill. I was told they had a brand new
    4 axis DRO coming out  very soon. I had originally planned on the 3 axis model but after some thought I
    decided to go with the Magna 4. Since I've had a chance to use it I'm very glad I did!  I don't like extending
    the quill any farther than necessary when taking heavy cuts. With a scale on the knee it's very easy to raise or
    lower table as needed without stopping to measure. If your considering a 4 axis DRO I would highly recommend
    the Meister Magna 4. The Meister Magna 4 has a diecast aluminum display console box and included 4 glass
    scales, coolant guards, swivel arm mount, plastic display cover & owners manual. Shipping was fast and everything
    arrived in perfect condition.
    I have included comments, pictures and details below on the installation of the DRO.
               Steve Bedair

Meister Magna 4 Axis DRO

Back view shows connections for X, Y, Z & T axis.


Click on the links below for detailed pictures & info:

 & comments

 X Axis
 Y Axis

Z Axis

T Axis

Mount for



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