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 Die Holder
For cutting straight threads with a die

The die holder body is made from aluminum and holds the die perfectly straight.
It can slide freely on a steel shaft that is held in the tailstock.
I used a piece of 1 3/4" od aluminum x  4 1/2" long for the body.

The larger OD is made from aluminum and simply slides on the shaft as pictured.
The shaft has a MT2 taper and fits the tailstock.
The shaft is acutally two pieces. I used a MT2 x 1/2" x 20 tpi adapter from a drill chuck.
I drilled and tapped the steel shaft for the 1/2x20 tpi and screwed the MT2 adapter into it.
Easier than turning a MT2 taper.

The die holder can slide freely back and forth along the shaft.

To hold the die I used a 1/2" drive socket  pressed into the aluminum body.

With the shaft to be threaded held securely in the lathe chuck I use hand power to
start the die.  I have since drilled four  5/16" holes around the body of the die
holder so I can use a "tommy bar" to complete the threads on larger items.
Works great and the threads are straight every time!

Tap Holding Tip

To make perfectly straight threads in the end of shafts here's how I hold the tap
( I know it's not the correct way but it works great )

I use my 1/2" MT2 drill chuck and extend the tailstock barrel out past the threads.
With the tailstock in the extended position the drill chuck / tap can be turned
by hand freely. The remaining barrel in the tailstock keeps the chuck and tap
straight while tapping.

I have a line around the tailstock barrel to show where the threads disengage.
From this point the tailstock barrel will spin freely.

This shows how much travel the barrel has in the tailstock.

                                   Note: If you plan on using your lathe to tap a bunch of threads go ahead and build
                                              a tap holder that slides on a fixed shaft as the die holder uses above. Save
                                              the wear on the tailstock barrel. For the occasional tapping job this method
                                              works well.


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