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Gladewater, Texas

5" Horizontal Wood Chipper

14 hp electric start 5" horizontal wood chipper

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The last picture is a video of the chipper running.

            Here's a wood chipper I built from the ground up. The design revolves around the 14 hp vertical shaft riding
            lawnmower motor ( from my retired Murry mower). This turned out to be quite a challenge since there's not
            a lot of info out there on building a wood chipper much less one that is mounted flat. Well after a few months
            of machining, welding, painting and a lot of grinding it's finished and it works beautifully!  It's made to be pulled
            behind my John Deere riding mower so it had to be green and yellow.
                I'll note that the chipper was not built for heavy duty everyday use but for occasional use around my 3 acres.
            Even though the chipper has a 5" capacity I usually only chip limbs up to 2" & 3" diameter.
            I've included pictures of the building process and construction notes below.

The feed chute folds back to allow easy access for anvil adjustments.

Chipper knife & anvil view. The opening here is 5 1/2" x 6".

Chip discharge (still have to build a discharge chute)

The chipper disc is 21" diameter solid steel 1 1/4" thick (approx 150 lbs). The chipper knives are 7" long and 3" wide
that I purchased from Zenith Cutter Co. The chipper disc housing is made 1/2" thick steel (top, bottom & sides)
Each knife is attached with three grade 8 bolts, lock washers and nuts.

Underneath view shows outboard bearing support on motor shaft.
( the outboard bearing protects the motor from high side loads of force)
Also shows idler pulley and chipper disc pulleys. The Chipper uses
two "B" belts. I also wired in a safety switch (on right) so that the chipper
will only start with the idler disengaged.

Chippers Specifications

                         *   Length    75" feed chute folded up and 94" feed chute down
                         *   Width     36" at wheels
                         *   Weight    Heavy!!  (guessing 400 to 500 lbs. ??)
                         *   Cutter Disc RPM   1800 / 2000
                         *   Frame     2"x 2" square tubing
                         *   Disc Housing  1/2" thick steel (top, bottom & sides)
                         *   Engine    Briggs & Stratton 14 hp OHV IC  electric start
                         *   Drive Belts   Industrial "V" B51/5L540  (two)
                         *   Chipper Knives  Zenith Cutter KCH 50101  (three)
                         *   Feed Chute opening  at chipper disc 5 1/2" x 6" & opening at feed  20" x 21"
                         *   Exhaust opening  7" x 4 1/2"
                         *   Wheels  15 x 6.00


21" Chipper Disk & Shaft Pulley's Shafts Bearing Holders Frame
Disc Housing
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