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      6 -2002
Tumbler Reverse
Harbor Freight 9 x 20 Lathe

Reverse Tumbler Positioning Lever

        After visiting Jack Fuselier's web site and studying his Harbor Freight 9 x 20 tumbler reverse I decided it
        was time to give it a try. I basically followed Jack's design with a few small changes. The project took a
        weekend to complete and works perfectly. The reverse tumbler allows the direction of the leadscrew to be
        reversed without changing the direction of the motor / chuck. ( This should no be confused with the motor
        reverse ) This allows you to make cuts away from the chuck and also to cut left handed threads.
           Since completing this project I really like it. I also like that when the tumbler reverse is placed in the neutral
       position it eliminates the gear terrain from turning  (no need for all those gears to turn while facing)
       I have included pictures along with descriptions of the building process. Hopefully this will help & good luck.

gear carrier plate



Tumbler Reverse
building page 1
Tumbler Reverse
building page 2
Tumbler Reverse
building page 3
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