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    11 -2002
Gib Screw Replacement
Cross Slide & Top Slide
Harbor Freight 9 x 20 Lathe

I replaced the small 4 mm gib screws with 8-32 allenhead screws. I did this on both the top slide and
cross slide. I also converted a small screwdriver by removing the blade and inserting the correct
size allenhead wrench.  I do not use lock nuts on either and I have never had any problems.
The original 4 mm screws push on a small pin that pushes against the gib. I chose to not use
the pins but instead I tapped the holes completely through. The allenhead screw goes
completely through to the gib.

For the top slide I used three 8-32 x 3/4" long screws
For the cross slide I used three 8-32 x 1 1/4" long screws

To tap the cross slide the 8-32 tap was just a little to short to reach completely through.
 I used a bench grinder to  turn down the back of the tap to gain the extra length needed.


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