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Grizzly G6760       
Vertical Milling Machine            

        After more than a year trying to find a good used mill locally I gave up. I did look at a few but they were either
    completely wore out, way out of my price range or just sold.  N.E. Texas is not exactly the used machinery capital.
    With a limited budget and limited floor space I narrowed my choices down to a big mill / drill or a small knee mill.
    I finally decided on the Grizzly G6760 vertical mill. It has many features that I liked such as radial spindle bearings,
    one shot lubrication, power feed and a spindle brake. It also weighs in at 1620 lbs. which is heavier than than most
    mills in this class. Like most imports I did have to do a lot of cleaning and adjusting but I am more than happy with
    the purchase. The G6760 runs very quite and is vibration free. I've have added the 4" riser block and a 4 axis
    Meister DRO, really nice additions to the G6760! I've included info & pictures below.
    Thank you,
                     Steve Bedair

New Leveling adjusters / rollers ( makes leveing and moving the mill a lot easier!!)

The Mill
4" Riser
Meister 4
Axis DRO

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