BedairMachine Works


                                                               StainlessSteel Guide / Recoil Rods                                       Grizzly G4003G Gunsmith Lathe
                                                               Custom machined guide / recoilrods                                My newest addition to the shop

                                                               Telescope Web Site                                                  Harbor Freight 9 X 20 Lathe Site
                                                   Computerized"Goto" TelescopeMounts                       Information on the 9 x 20 import lathe.
                                                          using Meades Autostarcontroller.                                    Plus projects and improvemts.

                                                                               Homemade Wood Chipper                                                    Homemade 18" Bandsaw
                                                          14 hp electric start 5" wood chipper I built to pullbehind                A bandsaw built from salvaged parts
                                                                        my John Deere LT180 riding mower

                                                               Mig Welder Cart pluscable reel                                                 Conover Wood Lathe
                                                         A great cart for the Lincoln Pro Mig175                           A new stand for my 16" wood lathe


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