Steve Bedair
Gladewater, Texas

Wood Chipper


The frame is built from 2" square tubing. The wheels were salvaged from the Murry riding mower.

Chipper Disc Housing

The bottom of the chipper housing has an od of 23".
I looked and looked for a piece of 24" od pipe without any luck.
For the sides I used a piece of 20" od pipe. I used my hydraulic press to bend
the 20" pipe to fit the 23" housing. The top piece has not been bent yet.
The bottom section is finished.

Welding into place


The top is also made from 1/2" thick steel plate.

Finished and painted.

The Anvil plate is set at 35 degrees.

All made from 1/2" thick steel.

The slots allow adjustment for the anvil

Finished Anvil

I've included pictures of the building process. Just click on the links below.

21" Chipper Disk & Shaft Pulley's Shafts Bearing Holders Frame
Disc Housing
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