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DS Powered Telescope Mounts
Here are some others who have built DS / Autostar Powered telescope mounts !!
(Click on the pictures for more info)


                       Bob Antonelli 's Meade 2080 Mount                               Bob Antonelli 's DS powered LXD mount

             Mike Hadley                                         Peter Wallner                                 Christopher Erickson

                   Roberto Lanzetta                                   Bruce Feagle                             Terry Mclean

                    Joe Bauer                                        Ron Rosenwald                    Clarence Bartholomew

               Peter Loupis                                      Clarence McDaniel                                  Henri

                    Alan Lever's EQ 5 Mount                                       Dave Wallace's ETX 90
                                                                                                  Home-brewed fork mount

Ed Leong's Meade LX10

If you have an Autostar Powered mount I'll be happy to add it to the site !
Just send some pics.
                                                            Steve Bedair


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