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Meade 2080 Robo scope

I finally found a motor set for my Meade 2080 project. It all worked out better than I expected considering I used the small gears from the kit. I wanted to motorize in a way that didn't require any modification to the original mount since it is a classic. I came up with the setup below, I used the small original gear boxes, This give the mount very good speed, yet it still is quiet to operate. The plastic gear boxes are a little "spongy" but not even as much as finally tuned ETX-125. The motors have no problem moving the 8" SCT even with the gear box preload as tight as I dare make them. The goto is excellent, I still have some cosmetic things to do and I still need to mod the motors, but other than that is ready to go. I can also still use the original tracking motor and locks by simply loosing the two Allen bolts that secure the DS gears for Astro Photography. 



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