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                     Ron Rosenwald's Autostar Powered Celestron SPC-8 Mount

This is a mount that I converted to "Autostar Power" for Ron Rosenwald.  It is basically an older version of the
Super Polaris mount. The DS motors are attached to the mount by aluminum adapters that are threaded onto
the original worm shaft adjustment screws. This allows the worm shafts to be adjusted and not affecting
motor alignment.

Note: To use the Autostar controller with a GEM mount it will require a patch downloaded to the Autostar.
         The patch was developed be Dick Seymour and can be downloaded from Mike Weasners web site
          ( Click here ) . This allows the Autostar to show telescope model 4504 and 114eq  GEM's to be used.
          If the patch is not downloaded the Autostar will show only DS and ETX models ( fork mounts )


Mount Details:







Added 0-2003

                          Ron Rosenwald Moon 9-2003                                  Ron Rosenwald Mars  9-2003



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