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Ball Turning Toolpost
Harbor Freight 9 x 20 Lathe
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The toolholder is built from 1/2" thick steel. I used a replaceable carbide insert which allows the
tool height to be "fixed" ( no height adjustments to make )

        I used the tailstock live center to scribe a line.                             I used the mini mill and milled to the scribe line.
        This will also be the carbide insert tool height.

          The tool holder is milled to an "L" shape. The top                     The carbide insert is placed on top of the tool holder
         of the tool holder has been milled to the correct                         and marked for milling the recess.
         tool height.

           A recess is milled to the same height              The insert attaching screw is marked , drilled to a # 43 drill
          as the insert leaving material under the             and tapped to a 4-40 thread.  Attaching the insert is better
          the insert cutting tip for support.                    explained here. This is the same procedure I used for making
                                                                               the indexable turning tools.

          The insert is attached and the sides                     I used the mini mill and removed the excess material
          are scribed.                                                       from under the insert.

                                                                                           Finished toolholder

         A handle is attached by drilling and tapping a 3/8"-16                      A slight bend was added to the handle.
         hole. The handle has an overall length of 6 3/4".

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