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Meade LXD 55 Motors

Update: 2-2003   New / LXD55 Powered C-11 mount click here

 Here are some pictures of Meade's new LXD 55 motors courtesy of Greg Granville. I have never had the opportunity
to see one of these mounts in person but if you can figure out a way to get a set of these motors I think you could
build a really nice mount.

Here's  a copy of the e-mail from Greg:
 I tore the LXD55 motors out today and I was impressed. These are not the
 same old Meade DS motors. They don't seem to be geared down as much,
 while at the same time seem to have considerably more torque. These motors run
 very smoothly while tracking, much smoother than the DS motors.The spur gear on
 these appears to be exactly match the gear on my Synta EQ6 mount (which is the
 same as a Vixen GP/CG-5). It looks like it could be rather trivial to
 install a set of these beauties in the EQ6 mount! I think the worm ratios are even the same..

                                                                       DS motor top    ,    LXD lower.

                                                   DS motor left                             LXD motor. To remove the encoder wheel
                                                                                                     shown above you need a very small .035"
                                                                                                     hex key wrench. I found a set at Jensen tools
                                                                                                     part # 79050

LXD motor

LXD motor


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