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18" Woodcutting Band Saw

Blade tensioning system.

As the lever at the rear of the saw is turned it raises or lowers
the long bolt that in turn raises and lowers the upper wheel.

Top Axle

Tensioning handle on top of saw

                     Blade is tensioned here. The lever pressed                       Tension is released here. The saw will not start.
                     against a small micro switch and allow the
                     saw to run.  The micro switch is from the
                     door of a dishwasher.

The blade guide design was copied from my  4 x 6 metal cutting bandsaw.
The bearing studs are on a cam so the bearings can be adjusted for
blade thickness.

Lower bearing assembly


This is looking into the rear of the saw.
The saw sits on 4 rubber wheels.
The motor is  1 1/2 HP.


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