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18" Woodcutting Band Saw

    Here's an 18" wood cutting band saw I built from the ground up. It was built almost entirely with materials from a local
     metal salvage yard and items already on hand. It features an all steel welded frame, built in work light, ball bearing upper
     and lower blade guides,  and a blade tensioning system  that allows the blade to be de-tensioned with just a lever. The main
     frame for the band saw is 6" x 3" square steel x 3/16" thick , this was found at the salvage yard.  The exterior of the saw
     is 1/2" plywood that has been sanded , primed and painted.

    Update:  I don't have any plans for the bandsaw (sorry). At one time I had pictures of the complete building process.
                  My old internet server ( Aerocom ) went out of business without any warning and I didn't have the
                  pictures backed up.

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