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18" Woodcutting Band Saw
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            Here is the blade tensioning lever on the real of the saw. There is also a small micro limit switch
            that will not allow the saw to  be started unless the blade is in the tightened position.
            The wiring is routed inside the main frame. ( sorry for the bad pics )

Looking up from the table you can see the 15 watt florescent work light. It is built into the top section and recessed.
This is a very nice feature and cast a lot of light on to the table

                               Dust collector chute. PVC pipe                                              Nylon wheel brush added to keep the
                                                                                                                           lower wheel clean

                                        Lower section                                                             A look inside the bottom

                                                 Inside the top                                 The cutting table is 20"x21" and tilts to 45 degrees.
                                                                                                      The 1/2" plywood top is glued over a 3/4" thick
                                                                                                      aluminum plate. The insert in the center of the table
                                                                                                      is made from 1/2" thick aluminum also.

Off / On switch ( toggle switch )
Work light switch ( rocker switch on top )

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