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Upper and lower wheel mounting plates welded. A piece of angle iron was clamped to the main
frame to act as a guide for aligning the plates.

The picture on the left shows the blade tensioning mech. that raises and lowers the upper wheel
with a cam operated lever. The picture on the right shows the opposite side where the wheel attaches.

                           Close up of the cam shaft from above pic                     Shaft for upper wheel ( bottom is rounded slightly
                                                                                                             to allow the 3 attaching bolts to be tightened to
                                                                                                             allow for tracking adjustment )


Lower wheel shaft turned and threaded on the HF 9x20 lathe and the aluminum bearing holder
holds two 1" ID sealed roller bearings.

From here everything is framed with 1 1/2" x 1/4" angle iron allowing access for the blade
to be removed from the opposite side.

1/2" plywood covers fitted and attached

More plywood fitted

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