Steve Bedair
Gladewater, Texas

Mig Welder Cart
Lincoln Pro-Mig 175

The cable reel works great and gives me 20' of cable to work with!!
I used #6 welding cable from a local welding supply store.
The reel is electrically insulated from the rest of the cart.

I started out with two 6" od circles for the reel. After cutting with a torch
I used my metal lathe and turned them to 5 3/4" od.
Also used a  piece of 2" od pipe for the center of the reel.

Before welding the reel together I drilled and tapped a hole for the handle.
I also drilled and tapped a hole for the welding cable to attach.

The handle is a piece of brass turned on my lathe.
It is attached to the reel with a 1/4" hex head bolt.

The handle is drilled and recessed for the 1/4" attaching bolt.

I bolted the reel together with a 3/8 long bolt and then welded
the sides to the center 2" pipe.

Finished welding.

The brace that supports the reel is made from 2" angle iron.
The shaft that the reel spins on is a 3/8" bolt.

The 3/8" shaft is welded to the angle iron on the right side only.
The end of the 3/8" shaft is drilled and tapped to a 1/4" x 20.
A 1/4" bolt hold the reel onto the shaft.

The reel is electrically insulated from the cart.
I used a thick piece of rubber (old mudflap)
and a series of rubber washers and plastic
tubing to do this.

I used a small spring and a washer on the 3/8" shaft.
This keeps constant pressure / contact on the reel.
Also adds a little drag to the reel.

The #6 welding cable is attached to the reel with a 1/4" bolt.

Bottom view of reel attached to the cart.
Note: the reel is insulated from the cart.
The bracket is also drilled and tapped for the
ground cable from the welder on the left side.

Just about finished

I made up a new short ground cable that goes from the welder to the reel.
I purchased four #6 welding cable lugs and made new connectors for
all the cable ends.



Cart building pics

Reel building pics
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