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MK-66 "Goto" Mount
New & Improved

DS Power + Autostar
Works as well as it looks

 Here are a few pictures of a mount I just finished for my Intes MK-66 Mak Cass. This mount has quite a few improvements
over the SGM 150 mount. Heavier and thicker aluminum forks , Better worm / bearing holder , a lever operated control
for the Az clutching assembly and a new way to hold the OTA.
A few other items:
3/4" sealed ball bearing / both drives
No wires to worry with / slip ring system through the az shaft.
12 rechargeable battery
96 tooth alt and az worm gear
Built in clock on front control panel
The mount weighs 36 lbs. ( no ota )

 The mount uses the 497 Autostar controller along with the DS series electronic motors. I am using the LX 90 model
selection in the Autostar to be able to take advantage of the 'Cord Wrap" feature. I am currently using version 22ef
with the Autostar. The newer downloads for the Autostar do not allow the DS motors to access the LX 90 model selection.
(I have used the newer versions  with the ETX model selection without any problems but cannot access the cord wrap
feature with the ETX's)
  From the first night out the goto accuracy has been a 100 %.  Almost always dead center of the FOV.

           Steve Bedair

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