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Meade's 492 Dual-Motor Electronic Control Kit

You don't need to buy a DS telescope to get the parts you need for building a DS powered mount. Here's a look at Meade's
492  Dual-Motor Electronic Control Kit. It contains everything needed except for the Autostar controller. This kit retails
for $ 129.00 USD.    It contains:
2 DS motor assemblies plus the 60 tooth worm gears used on the DS tripod ,  2 - 22 tooth nylon gears that drive the
 worm shafts , a battery pack , computer terminal connector , and a hand paddle controller. This controller should not be confused with the Autostar controller. It has arrow buttons that allow movement of the ota at different speeds. ( no database )

Update:  Meade's 493 kit contains everything mentioned in the 492 kit plus a 495 Autostar Controller.
                The kit sells for $ 199.



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