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Monarch 10EE
Oil Sight Glass Modification

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Here's an easy fix for the Monarch 10EE oil sight glasses. Since I've done this I have not had any leaking sight glasses.

I found these sight glasses at JW Winco Inc

I used the 1/2" pipe thread Item code 6311015 at $2.22 each.

Click here for their order page

I ordered a couple extra just for spares.

This sight glass is Transparent high resistance polyamide / oil and gas resistant.

This shows the aluminum sight glass housing and the JM Winco sight glass.
I used a lathe to fit the sight glass into the aluminum housing.

This shows how the sight glass will fit into the housing.

I used a 1/2 Pipe female to hold the sight glass for turning.

I turned the od of the sight glass to fit the ID of the aluminum sight glass housing.
It does not take much and you want a snug fit.

I have the OD turned to where it's a snug fit.
It needs to be a snug fit for the next step.

I tapped lightly with a hammer to make sure the plastic sight glass is seated all the way into the housing.

The plastic sight glass is seated into the housing.
This now needs to be turned in the lathe to remove the plastic threads.

I used a short piece of PVC to act as a stop and to square up the housing for turning.

The PVC keeps the housing square and aligned.

Taking light cuts I removed the plastic threads from the sight glass.
I did this until the plastic sight glass is flush with the aluminum housing.

If the sight glass fits loose in the housing you can add some epoxy to hold it.


The sight glass is now finished.

For a gasket a used a Craftsman deep 11/32 socket to make a hole.
The OD of the socket is .491"
This is about the size of the sealing area on the sight glass.
One gasket is all that is needed per sight glass.

I centered the sight glass on the gasket material and marked.


I've done this to all the sight glasses on the 10EE and have not had any leaks.
Works and looks great.

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